Power Of Having A Mentor – JuVan Langford (Mentorship)

Episode: 019

JuVan Langford explains how authenticity, integrity, and maturity are the three things every man needs.


JuVan Langford is a YouTube Influencer and the founder of Mentors Making Major Moves Inc.; a non-profit organization that introduces foster youth to in spiring mentors from all walks of life. JuVan lost his father to leukemia at a young age and lived in foster care. JuVan shares his story on what it was like growing up without a father, what it means to be a man, and shares so much more insight on the subject of masculinity.


In this podcast episode, JuVan talks about the power of having a mentor, why a mentor is important and how a mentor can impact your life. He believes that everyone should have a mentor and by the end of this podcast you will understand why!

Key Takeaways:
[01:40] What does Juvan do?
[03:15] Juvan was raised in a foster home.
[04:00] How has not having a father impacted Juvan?
[09:55] What is the best part of being a man?
[16:25] Sometimes just showing up is enough. You don’t always have to – do – something.
[20:50] What are Juvan’s core beliefs?
[22:00] Juvan talks about Mentors Making Major Moves
[24:50] What inspires Juvan?
[27:00] What does it mean to be a man? JuVan explains the AIM acronym.
[29:30] Integrity is about being real with yourself.
[31:05] Our greatest shame shows up in every aspect of our life. You have to control it.
[32:25] Take risks!
[33:45] JuVan talks about his mentor, Michael Gates.
[36:45] What legacy would JuVan like to leave behind?
[38:00] What’s JuVan excited about these days?


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“I reframed the story so I wasn’t a victim anymore.”

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

“A man is someone who is authentic with himself, his story, and his journey.”

“Our greatest shame has so much power in the dark. It literally drives our life.”