Wake Up and Chase After What You Want with Adam Nagy and Julian DeSchutter

Episode: 014

Anything is Possible, so Why Not Try?


Adam Nagy and Julian DeSchutter are the co-founders of Chasing Sunrise, a community designed to empower members to chase after what they want and to break out of the unconscious routine. Adam and Julian speak on their failures, their mentors, core lessons they try to teach in the Chasing Sunrise community, and what kind of legacy they’d both like to leave behind.

Key Takeaways:
[1:30] Who is Adam?
[2:35] Who is Julian?
[5:40] How did Chasing Sunrise start?
[9:50] Make conscious choices that aligns with who you are.
[11:30] What has the response been like for Chasing Sunrise?
[14:55] How do you build a thriving and self-sustainable community?
[20:00] Who are Adam’s and Julian’s mentors?
[24:35] What core lessons has the Chasing Sunrise community learned?
[29:15] ManTalks will be hosting a one day event. Save the date! Nov 7th.
[35:00] What kind of challenges have Adam and Julian seen people overcome?
[39:30] Favourite part of being a man? Brotherhood and leadership.
[42:15] Brotherhood is an integral part of being a man.
[43:35] The guys talk about failure.
[49:40] Connor shares one of his failures.
[52:30] Take a step back from your failure and ask yourself, “What’s the bigger picture?”
[55:15] What kind of legacy would the guys like to leave?
[57:30] We’re afraid to say ‘I don’t know’.
[58:55] What are the guys excited about today?


Music Credit:
J Parlange & Latenite Automatic (jesusparlange.com – lateniteautomatic.com)


“Anything is possible and why not try?”
“Humans are inherently awesome. If you give them the opportunity to be awesome, they’ll prove you right.”
“I would say my favorite part of being a man is the comradery that comes with brotherhood.”
“When you talk about brotherhood, a big piece of that is being accountable and responsible to other people.”
“Most people fail right before they cross the finish line.”
“Life is a product of your choices.”