Vikram Vij. Its all about finding passion.

Episode: 010

Vikram Vij talks on his core beliefs, his frustrations with prejudice, and striving for freedom.


Vikram Vij is an Indian-born Canadian chef and the co-owner of Vij’s Restaurant in Vancouver. Vikram brings his extreme optimism and passion for cooking right in to this podcast. He says passion is like your first love and your focus should be your second love. When these two loves are combined, it’s a great recipe for success. Vikram shares openly the challenges he has faced and his frustrations with prejudice. He also talks on the importance of freedom and respecting everyone, no matter what social class they may be.

Key Takeaways:
[1:25] Who is Vikram Vij?
[5:50] What does passion mean to Vikram?
[8:30] Why did Vikram go to Austria?
[11:15] Failure is a part of our lives.
[11:45] There’s no formula for success.
[13:30] What kind of challenges has Vikram experienced?
[19:00] What’s Vikram’s definition of success?
[20:20] Vikram talks about his mentors.
[23:15] What are Vikram’s core beliefs?
[28:10] Connor and Roger tell you about the 1-day event ManTalks will be hosting and how you can win free tickets.
[32:00] What people thrive for in life is freedom.
[35:50] Vikram is often frustrated by prejudice.
[38:45] Best resources? Travel the world.
[42:55] What does it mean to be a man today?
[48:00] One piece of advice? Respect everyone.
[49:40] What kind of legacy would Vikram like to leave?
[51:55] What’s Vikram excited about today?
[56:25] Love what you do and don’t take things for granted.

Mentioned In This Episode:
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.


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“Passion has to be your first love and focus has to be your second love.”
“The first love and second love have to match. They have to live together in order to create something.”
“There is no pill for success.”
“Anybody else can tell you this is wrong, but if you believe this is right, then you’re going to go for it.”