Unexpected surprises, psychedelics and sensory deprivation with Andy Zaremba.

Episode: 004

Andy Zaremba opens up on the premature birth of his daughter.


Andy Zaremba is the co-host of the Vancouver Real podcast and co-founder of Float House. He was a speaker for the Man Talks conference and is back with more wisdom to share with today’s audience. One of Andy’s defining moments was the premature birth of his daughter, who was an unexpected surprise. He really opens up with our co-hosts today about the pregnancy and some of the challenges he faced during the birth of his daughter. He also talks why he and his brother decided to open Float House, what it is, and why people should do it.
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Key Takeaways:
[1:10] How did Connor get to know Andy Zaremba?
[2:45] What does Andy do?
[3:25] What is sensory deprivation or ‘floating’?
[6:00] When Connor left the float room, he felt like everything was sharper and clearer.
[7:10] Floating is completely different from meditation.
[10:10] Why did Andy and his brother start float house?
[13:55] When you face challenges, that’s when you’re going
to grow the most as a human being.
[16:00] What was a defining moment for Andy?
[25:25] Man Talks challenges men to really think differently about how they show up in the world.
[26:45] Not a lot of men are willing to share their experience with an unplanned pregnancy.
[35:20] Instead of fighting your emotions, let them be, let yourself feel them.
[37:20] What’s Andy’s meditation routine?
[40:00] There are some really ‘crazy’ gurus out there promoting spirituality in a negative way.
[41:10] Andy talks psychedelics.
[48:50] Why are role models important for men?
[54:25] Your inner demons may never go away fully, but you can work on dealing with them better.
[56:45] Best advice Andy received?

The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts
The Culture High by Adam Scorgie

Music Credit:
J Parlange & Latenite Automatic (jesusparlange.com – lateniteautomatic.com)