Epigenetics, Understanding Your DNA, and the Future of Health – with Dr. Tracy Gapin

Dr. Tracy Gapin

Dr. Tracy Gapin is a board-certified urologist and mens health expert focused on optimizing male performance and genetic potential. Dr. Gapin offers a personalized path to helping men maximize sexual health, testosterone levels and vitality. He provides advanced epigenetic evaluation and coaching, nutrition and lifestyle intervention, individualized supplement programs and a personalized approach to helping men optimize their potential.

to think that one gene equals one trait is a mistake… you don’t realize the ramifications that one change can make on everything else around it – Tracy Gapin 

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Show Highlights

  • What I learnt from being overweight
  • What is epigenetics
  • How your lifestyle effects your genes and body performance
  • What DNA sequencing made possible in the health industry
  • The danger of  epigenetics
  • What is DNA
  • How food effects our DNA
  • What is the importance of testosterone for men
  • The epidemic of low testosterone levels in men
  • How you can build back up your testosterone
  • What are telomeres and the importance of them

When you’re eating processed food you’re no where close to optimizing your potential – Tracy Gapin 

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Website: drtracygapin.com
Facebook: @drtracygapin
Instagram: @drtacygapin

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