Time for Reflection and New Goals with Roger Nairn and Connor Beaton

Episode: 023

Roger and Connor talk on how to set and achieve goals effectively.



Roger and Connor catch up on their year with ManTalks and talk about why every man should do a
reflection on the year past. Connor recommends a couple of key questions the audience can ask
themselves to provide better insight on how their year went. Roger and Connor also talk about their goals
with ManTalks, as well as their personal goals for the New Year.

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Key Takeaways:
[0:35] For this episode, Roger and Connor will be reflecting on their year.
[2:15] Get rid of programs and phone apps that aren’t serving you.
[2:55] Why is reflection important?
[3:45] What is Connor’s process of reflection?
[9:15] Where do you thrive the most?
[10:05] Where have you struggled the most? Reflect on this so that you don’t fall into the same trap.
[12:25] High achievers carry a lot of guilt when they don’t accomplish their year-end goals.
[13:40] Roger plans to color more in 2016.
[14:20] Why do you have the goals that you have? Is it just for ego?
[16:00] Who are the people in your life that you’re thankful for?
[18:15] You don’t have to stop life just because you’re going into a new year.
[20:20] Connor has flexible goals.
[24:50] What can people look forward to from ManTalks in 2016?
[27:20] Feel free to email us guest recommendations.
[28:40] Roger recommends Think and Grow Rich to develop a healthy goal mindset.
[29:35] What will it cost you to achieve your goal and are you willing to pay the price?
[30:25] Be honest with yourself.
[31:00] What will your vision statement for 2016 be?
[32:45] Take the next week off to reflect on your year.


Mentioned In This Episode:
The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


Music Credit:
J Parlange & Latenite Automatic (jesusparlange.com – lateniteautomatic.com)

“Where do I thrive and where do I struggle?”

“The transition into a new year, you don’t necessarily have to stop life and refresh everything.”

“What are you willing to sacrifice to accomplish your goals?”