Tim Urban – Wait But Why

Tim UrbanEpisode: 037

What makes people like Elon Musk so different? It’s not just their drive or ambition…

Tim Urban is the creator and blogger of Wait but Why, a website that is anti-click bait and extremely informative. Tim originally started his website on a bet because he knew deep down that other people, too, craved for meaningful and substantial content on the web. The idea worked! Not only does his content go viral, but he was able to get the attention of people like Elon Musk, and more.


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Key Takeaways:
[2:35] What was Tim’s defining moment?
[5:40] Those who have a fall back plan, fall back but that didn’t apply to Tim.
[6:10] Even though Tim had a fall back plan, he was still very desperate to achieve his creative dream.
[6:20] You need to have a runway, a game plan that you’re able to carry out in a certain amount of time,
but it also has to be realistic.
[6:55] Some people work best when they burn their other options, others do not.
[7:15] Why did Tim create Wait but Why?
[11:20] Tim had an advantage where he could work 60 hours a week focusing on nothing but blogging.
[11:45] Connor never read blogs until he stumbled upon Tim’s blog.
[13:45] Tim knew he didn’t have a staff, so he had to find a way to work with his strengths instead.
[14:50] Tim shares his one piece of advice for any endeavor.
[15:45] What makes Elon Musk so unique?
[17:35] Don’t be the cook that copies the recipe, be the chef who creates them.
[18:45] How does Tim get over the ‘no one is going to read this’ fear?
[19:35] Trust yourself. You can be great.
[21:15] What was it like to prepare for the Ted Talk?
[24:55] What was it like to meet Elon Musk?
[27:20] Get ready for a series of rapid fire questions.
[27:25] Why did Tim visit North Korea?
[27:40] What does curiosity mean to Tim?
[28:10] What was Donald Trump like in person?
[28:30] What legacy would Tim like to leave behind?
[29:40] What is Tim most excited about?



Music Credit:
J Parlange & Latenite Automatic (jesusparlange.com – lateniteautomatic.com)

“The world is not that impressive. Most people are just copying what other people are doing.”

“Ignore what seems like the normal. Ignore what people say you should do.”

“Trust yourself. Your initial thesis should be ‘I think I can be great’, not good – Great.”


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