Tim JP Collins – You Can Cure Crippling Anxiety without Drugs and Love Life Again

Episode: 054

How does one deal with anxiety? Is there a cure beyond prescription medicine? Yes!

Tim JP Collins is an expert on anxiety and runs The Anxiety Podcast. His mission is simple: less anxiety, more life. Tim used to suffer regularly with anxiety and panic attacks, but understood that he had to move past this as it was draining him mentally and physically. Now, he teaches those around him how they can overcome their anxiety, with or without prescription medicine.


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Key Takeaways:
[4:00] Anxiety can consume your every waking moment.
[5:50] We often need pain in our life to see what’s possible and to make changes.
[7:00] Tim talks about a woman who has been suffering from anxiety for 35 years.
[8:20] As people become more successful and have more people rely on them, anxiety starts to creep in and take a hold of them.
[8:55] What makes Tim the person that he is today?
[11:40] What are some of the biggest myths about anxiety?
[12:20] For a lot of people, medication for anxiety only covers up the problem.
[13:30] How did anxiety come into Tim’s life?
[15:05] What can people learn about anxiety?
[17:45] If you get your life into alignment again, anxiety goes away.
[22:00] What can people do to treat their anxiety?
[23:40] Put yourself first.
[24:45] Are there any benefits to taking cold showers?
[27:50] What legacy does Tim want to leave behind?
[29:20] Should you take anxiety medication?
[31:20] What is the one experience Tim would recommend to anyone?
[32:15] What is the most underrated trait for modern day success?
[33:25] What is the one movie Tim would take if he was stranded on an island?
[33:40] What is the single biggest lesson Tim has learned in the corporate world?
[34:15] Who is the most influential person in Tim’s life?

Mentioned in This Episode:
The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

Music Credit:
Parlange & Latenite Automatic (jesusparlange.comlateniteautomatic.com)


“The default response to anxiety is wrong.”

“Diet, funny enough, has a lot to do with anxiety.”

“Consider putting yourself first, in your own life, for a change.”


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