The Top 10 Podcasts to Live Your Life By

Hello my name is Roger, and I am a podcast addict.


My problem began about five years ago when a friend suggested This American Life. A classic.


But slowly I learned there are loads of podcasts out there designed to help me improve my life.


It’s sort of like Netflix. Some days you feel like political intrigue so you watch an episode of House of Cards. Then there are days when you just HAVE to know how the Hoover Dam was built, so you watch a BBC documentary.


Podcasts are the same way.


When I open my podcast app I might need a little inspiration, so I scan the latest episodes to see what jumps out. Or sometimes I’m facing a leadership challenge, so I look for an interview I could draw from.


I subscribe to a LOT of podcasts, so when I need something specific in my life, chances are I’ll have it at my fingertips.


Below is an eclectic mix of some of my favourites. It is by no means complete. I’m always searching for new talent, so if you have a few you’d like to share I’d love to hear about them in the comments.


The Art of Manliness


Brett McKay is a stud. His Art of Manliness site is a constant treasure trove of articles on all things man. So its only natural that the podcast (full of fascinating interviews and life tips) is equally great.


Favorite episode: The Enduring Appeal of the Great Gatsby


The Productivityist Podcast


This weekly show provides you with tips, tools, tactics, and tricks that aim to make you more productive both at home and at work. Each week features an interview with experts who bring a new perspective to the world of productivity.


Favorite episode: Episode #182: Continuing the Mission of Service and Brotherhood


The Unmistakable Creative


This podcast has had over 500 guests, featuring the likes of Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, and Rob Bell. The show’s host, Srini Rao, gives a very thoughtful interview that features some of the world’s leading creatives.


Favorite episode: Making the Impossible Possible with Tim Ferriss


TED Radio Hour


The TED Radio Hour explores a certain theme weekly (for example: “What is Original?”) using a handful of awesome TED Talks to tell the story. It’s an even better experience if you listen to extended supplemental audio tracks on their website.


Favorite episode: To Endure


No Such Thing as a Fish


If you love useless facts like me, then you’ll love this podcast. Imagine 4 nerdy Brits crowded around a microphone trying to one up each other with fun fact after fun fact. I love to listen to this podcast when I am having a bad day – it’s a guaranteed laugh. Did you know that if you measured the surface area of every hair on the average sized otter it would equal roughly 2 NHL hockey rinks in size?


Favorite episode: No Such Thing as the Brilliant Billion


Ari Meisel – Less Doing


Ari is all about making life easier. So he spends each episode sharing with you the latest in ways to optimize your life. Ari was also one of our very first guests.


Favorite episode: Episode 86 – No Such Thing As Ghost Nipples


10% Happier


After having a nationally televised panic attack on Good Morning America, Dan Harris knew he had to make some changes. This lead him to meditation. In his new podcast Dan talks with smart people about whether or not there’s anything beyond 10%.


Basically, here’s what this podcast is obsessed with: Can you be an ambitious person and still strive for enlightenment?


Favorite episode: #1: Dalai Lama


The Tim Ferriss Show


Tim is all about deconstructing world-class performers – whether investors, martial artists, or entertainment people. Tim digs deep to uncover so much useful value. Tim is our, “white whale” to have on the ManTalks Podcast. We’re all ears if you know him 🙂


Favorite episode: Tony Robbins on Morning Routines, Peak Performance, and Mastering Money


Jocko Podcast


Jocko Willink is the author of Extreme Ownership and is a decorated retired Navy SEAL officer. In each of his episodes Jocko (and his side-kick Echo Charles) discuss discipline and ownership in business, war, relationships, and everyday life.


The listener also gains insight into the man that is Jocko. He is a machine. Just look at his Instagram and you’ll see what I mean.


Favorite episode: What Made Jocko


The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes


Lewis, a friend of ManTalks, brings you two episodes per week. They will inspire you. Period. Each episode tells an inspiring story from some of the best minds to help you find out what makes people great.


Favorite episode: Jason Silva on the Power of the Mind to Create Your Reality


ManTalks Podcast


What can I say, I’m biased…


Favorite episode: Now that wouldn’t be fair.


Roger NairnRoger Nairn is a the Director of Branding and Marketing and Co-Host of the ManTalks Podcast. Born and raised in B.C, Roger has a background in marketing and is an Account Director at DDB Canada. Roger has a bright personality, profound sense of curiosity and an endless depth of creativity which make for the perfect man for taking the vision of ManTalks and getting it out to the world. Roger is a kind soul who wants the best for the people around him. He is a loyal, a proud husband to his wife Allison, a cerebral strategist, a man with extensive marketing background, humility, razor sharp intelligence and a deep understanding of how to connect brands with people.

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