Taylor Hunt – The Journey from Addiction to Health

In this episode Roger talks with Taylor Hunt about his book A Way from Darkness – an Ashtanga Yoga teacher’s journey from addiction to health – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Taylor shares how he went from his lowest point to helping recovering addicts find a new path.

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Some questions Roger asks:

  • Could share a defining moment for you? (1:35)
  • You’re new book is “A Way from Darkness” could you share your story behind the book? (3:29)
  • What was the first step you took to turn your life around? (8:11)
  • When did Ashtanga Yoga become a part of your life? (9:27)
  • How has your experience been teaching yoga in rehab clinics? (19:44)
  • Rapid Fire Questions (27:58)


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