How to Successfully Navigate Through Life Transitions With Jason Connell


Episode: 045

Discover how you can make the transition process easier on yourself in today’s episode.

Jason Connell is a speaker, former magician, and a writer on personal development. Jason discusses with Roger and Connor on today’s show about successfully moving through life transitions and accepting the new challenges that come from taking action. Jason also talks on the subject of manhood and some of the key things our everyday modern man struggles with in a society littered with social media.



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Key Takeaways:
[1:35] What was Jason’s defining moment as a man?
[4:00] It’s hard to follow/discover a path you were meant to follow. Many people wake up to a 9-5 job they hate.
[5:40] Millennials are feeling much more disconnected with others.
[7:40] Jason talks about his career as a magician.
[9:25] You don’t have to follow the same path for the rest of your life.
[10:40] Men suffer from the ‘lack of money’ barrier.
[12:15] Jason is slowly winding down on his 8-year company, Ignited Leadership.
[15:20] We’re prone to stick with what we know – even if it makes us unhappy.
[17:20] Your own brain is often not enough. You need to take action.
[20:00] Transition is hard. So give yourself some slack.
[21:25] What does a strong support system look like to Jason?
[23:00] One piece of advice to modern men? Stop being so strong and break down.
[25:15] What kind of things do Millennials struggle with?
[28:35] Keep in mind you can fail and it’s no big deal.
[31:00] Want to change but not sure how? Get a coach or a psychologist.
[35:00] When you’re more authentic with yourself, you become more attractive to women.
[37:25] Sex, money, or status does not validate your manhood.
[38:30] What kind of legacy would Jason like to leave behind?

Mentioned in This Episode:
The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell

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“If you can’t feel a connection with yourself, there’s no way you can feel your connection to other people.”

“We tend to hold ourselves hostage to outmoded versions of who we truly are.”

“What you’re meant to be doing evolves and changes over time.”


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