Steve Sims – No Bullshit Lessons in Success


We love talking about Success on the ManTalks Podcast. In today’s episode Connor talks with Steve Sims. If you have never heard of Steve he is the founder of Bluefish, a very successful, exclusive luxury concierge service for the elite. His daily life includes helping clients craft incredible experiences including a live underwater tour of the Titanic, a flight to space, red carpet events and supersonic military jet flights in Russia.

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The ManTalks Podcast

“We shouldn’t be talking about authenticity like it’s the ability to breath air. It should be real.”

Some questions Connor asks:

    • What is Steve’s defining moment as a man? (2:20)
    • What is BlueFish? (7:17)
    • Who are the raddest people Steve has had the fortune to meet? (9:16)
    • What is Steve awesome at? (10:32)
    • Why does Steve feel like ‘no BS’ authenticity is so important? (13:35)
    • Has Steve found himself more successful since making the shift to authentic relationships? (18:05)
    • What are Steve’s secrets to adding value? (22:20)
    • What are some of the keys to success in the concierge industry? (29:04)
    • What does Steve see possible for BlueFish? (35:05)
    • Can you tell us about your motorcycle fleet? (36:46)
    • Where did Steve’s passion and drive come from? (38:15)
    • What is the legacy that Steve wants to leave in the world? (44:28)


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Steve’s defining moment as a man (4:17)
  • What you can do if things aren’t going as planned (5:20)
  • The value of being completely open to being “tailor made you” (6:26)
  • What BlueFish has become famous for (7:50)
  • You can find greatness anywhere (9:43)
  • What ‘wealth’ really is (10:10)
  • Steve’s secret sauce (12:05)
  • Why our current mode of validation is so confusing (15:25)
  • How the reptilian brain takes over (19:42)
  • A startling moment for Steve, that he was being fake (20:30)
  • What to do if you have good people around you (24:20)
  • The biggest line of bullshit Steve has ever heard (26:10
  • What your obligation/destiny is (27:20)
  • Some of the crazy things that BlueFish has done for their clients (29:29)
  • BlueFish has just been named the official partner with Sir Elton John for his famous Oscar Party (30:40)
  • How Steve does all these crazy things (31:45)
  • What Steve wants in life (36:05)
  • What true wealth meant for Steve (39:18)
  • Where the name BlueFish came from (42:29)
  • Steve’s awesome responses to Connor’s rapid fire questions (45:12)
      • One experience everyone should try
      • #1 trait of modern day success
      • The book he take if you were stranded on a desert island
      • The movie he would take if you were stranded on a desert island
      • The single biggest lesson Steve has learned with BlueFish
      • The most influential person of all time


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“At the end of the day, you aren’t dating me, you want me to do something for you.”    


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“Business is 100% personal.”

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