Why Self-Awareness is the Master Success Skill | Eric Barker

Eric Barker joins us on the ManTalks Podcast unpack why applied self-awareness (alignment) is the master skillset of success.

Eric Barker is a badass blogger and writer who truly understands success… like at a scientific level. In this episode of the podcast, he shares a ton of research backed knowledge about success. We always look for the single unlock code that will make the biggest difference. It comes down to self-awareness and alignment.

Whatever questions you might have about the success and what the research show, Eric Barker has the answer. His insights are clear and sharp and he’s written thousands of posts on his blog — yes thousands.

When someone like Eric (there aren’t many people like Eric) distills everything he knows about success down into a master skill you might want to listen. True success comes from ‘alignment,’ which is the practical application of self-awareness.

Alignment and the 4 Metrics of Success

‘True success’ isn’t just a euphemism for work-life balance or living a well-rounded life either. Eric would argue that we’re also more traditionally successful when living in alignment. Why? Because in a state of alignment you’ll be doing what brings you more achievement, what makes you happier, what provides you with meaning (significance), and what builds your legacy.

These are the four metrics to measure oneself against. If you’re lacking in any one of those, you’ll end up feeling less successful. Of course, the most common case is the individual who sacrifices it all for achievement. They believe they are getting ahead, but in the end they don’t become nearly as successful as they could, because they’re lacking in meaning, legacy, and happiness.

Traditional boilerplate success strategies usually only focus on achievement without care for happiness, significance, or legacy. These days there is a movement towards meaning and happiness, but they must not come at the expense of achievement or legacy.

The research shows that the traditional success strategies applied across the board without applied self-awareness (alignment) simply won’t work. If getting an MBA and then pursuing a career as a management consultant sounds like a prison sentence then heed the warnings of your own internal guidance system.

Every one of us wants to be more successful. This podcast might be the best place to start or restart that journey.


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More Insights From This Episode:

  • What is success and how people struggle to define
  • Common traps to success
  • Pointlessness of following boilerplate success advice,
  • The cost of not getting to know yourself
  • How knowing your environments relates to success
  • Understanding your signature strengths and weaknesses
  • Why you need to play your career to your signature strengths.
  • Filtered vs. unfiltered leaders — what is the distinction and why is it important
  • Why results compound by doubling down on your strengths
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with people who have complementary skills
  • The importance of having a high level of self-awareness
  • How to determine your strengths with feedback analysis
  • The distinction between givers, matchers, and takers
  • Why givers disproportionately represent at both the bottom and top of the success curve
  • Grit and knowing when to quit — how quit supports grit
  • Knowledge vs. importance of a Social Network
  • Charisma, confidence and other personality traits that impact success
  • The surprising benefits of low confidence
  • Why self-compassion trumps self-esteem
  • How the struggle for work-life balance is stressing us out
  • Why success is more likely to follow happiness than happiness is to follow success
  • The matrix of success — happiness/achievement/significance/legacy

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About Eric Barker

How do we know what success is? Is happiness still an undefined destination? What have we got right, and where do we have room for improvement? These are the questions Eric Barker spends his time answering. His style of research-based self-improvement helps his readers to live happier, more fulfilling lives. After eight years of researching and writing over 5,000 posts on his blog about his findings, he’s here to share some of what he’s learned with us.

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