Sarah Jones – Overcoming Dating Anxiety

Sarah Jones is the founder of Introverted Alpha, the premier dating coaching company for introverted men. Sarah has been featured in Business Insider, Forbes, Knowledge for Men, and more. Get her free 22-page ebook on finding your unique vibe at

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Some questions Connor asks Sarah Jones:

  • Could you share a defining moment for you? – 3:11
  • What are some of the causes behind Dating Anxiety? – 9:09
  • What are some of your thoughts on online dating? – 16:39
  • How does linear thinking get in the way for men? – 20:53
  • From a women’s prospective, what are some key things men should know? – 36:43

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  • I stumbled into your thoughts or/and comments sort of randomly; but tuned in just after you expressed a few ideas that hit home. You have a very precise and accurate view and quit simply.. Thanks.
    I’ve only read a few.. And you may have already addressed this; but at 49 (oh craps that sounded old) I run across women who have built walls around themselves (and ya, I’m assuming that I got into that alpha-introvert type). I find it easy to relate often because I am very willing to share (fueled that it is recipricated).. But these walls .. They’re out there and lots of people have them..
    So rambling.. But have put a lot of thought to this:
    If interested in a woman (with walls..common with age).. How to discern what degree to pursue?
    I get it that a lot of your thoughts are about pick-ups.. No .. Meaningful pickups.
    But I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on this:
    You see something meaningful in a person but are up against walls.