Dr. Russell Kennedy – Reduce Stress, How to Get the Most from Your Brain & Optimizing Your Default Mode Network

Dr Russell Kennedy is a medical doctor and anxiety expert, certified yoga teacher, neuroscientist, a corporate speaker with National Speakers Bureau and has toured with the Yuk Yuks comedy chain as a stand-up comedian (no joke). He’s researched the brain for over thirty years, from academic institutions in North America to living and studying at a temple in India. He’s taken medications from Ayuhausca to Zoloft in an effort to understand and treat his own anxious mind and understand mental illness from both the inside out and the outside in. He is also a Dog lover, a semi-pro worrier, quite mechanically disinclined, and loves short cuts. He has infinite patience for people but gets ragey and starts throwing stuff if anything from IKEA isn’t coming together the way it looks on the box.

Check out his work at www.thekennedymethodonline.com


In this episode, Connor and Russell dive into how you can:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Face and reduce your anxieties
  • Understand your default mode network
  • Have a deeper understanding of the Autonomic Nervous system and how it might be sabotaging you
  • Understand the tools to reduce stress

Connor and Russell talk about how your brain wires itself to keep you safe. How your body stores information, and why understanding all of this can be the key to not only reducing stress in your daily life, but the ultimate hack for being able to create new, powerful habits that support you on your daily journey to purpose, healthier relationships and more.

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