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Robert Kandell is a communications expert. Whether business or relationships, he helps you bypass your own self-imposed limitations in all aspects. He has 25 years of building businesses, enhancing work-flow for teams, mentoring CEO’s and helping startups build a strong foundation. Robert has been featured in the NY Times, Huffington Post, Inc and SXSW.

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Some questions Connor asks…

  • Could you share a defining moment for you? (2:26)
  • Do you think men have been trained poorly to communicate with women? (5:41)

  • How can we deliver criticisms or critiques? (13:53)
  • Why is communication so important and why is it so important women? (17:30)
  • Do you have any recommendations for guys who my be stuck being “the nice guy” – How can they communicate better? (26:06)

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