Reaching the Next Level Through Essentialism With Greg McKeown

Episode: 041

If you try to do it all, you’ll just do it averagely well. Go big on fewer things.

Greg McKeown is the author of Essentialism and the CEO of THIS Inc., a leadership and strategy design agency located in Silicon Valley. Greg tells the audience that if you want to break through to the next level and contribute more to your life, you must go big on fewer things. If you say yes to everything, you will simply stretch yourself too thin and exhaust yourself.



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Key Takeaways:
[2:55] Don’t forget ManTalks is hosting another event!
[4:25] What was Greg’s defining moment?
[7:00] Our failures lead to some of our biggest lessons.
[8:10] The only time we really learn is when we have expectation failure.
[9:05] True wealth is the ability to be present at any given moment.
[9:20] Don’t let a defining moment in your life pass you by.
[10:00] Are you just too busy living to think about life?
[10:30] Greg believes there’s only two kinds of people in this world – the people who are lost and the people who know they’re lost.
[10:50] To be in the second category requires humility, self-awareness, and courage.
[11:45] Don’t run on auto pilot.
[17:15] The first part of the book goes into the mindset of an essentialist.
[20:15] How can we accomplish more things that are important to us?
[21:05] An essentialist explores their options.
[21:55] An essentialist is very aware they have the ability to choose.
[26:45] Who really spends years working on a single masterpiece project?
[31:15] Our society is very achievement-based and we’ve been rewired to accomplish it all.
[32:00] What’s possible when you start practicing the principles of essentialism?
[34:05] If you say yes to everything, you cannot contribute to your highest ability.
[34:25] If you try to do it all, you’ll just do it averagely well.
[35:45] When given the choice, people will choose fewer things done better.
[38:50] What legacy would Greg like to leave behind in the world?


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Essentialism by Greg McKeown

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“The good times only teaches us a certain amount of lessons.”

“Success is a very poor teacher.”

“The only time we learn is when we experience expectation failure.”


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