Preston Smiles – Intuition, Love and Vulnerability

In this week’s episode Connor interviews Preston Smiles who is igniting a mutli-generational movement of radical growth through conscious, creative content, acts of love and living boldly. In their conversation they touch on intuition, love and vulnerability.

He’s the author of an amazing new book: “Now or Never. Your Epic Life in 5 Steps.”

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Some questions Connor asks:

  • What was a defining moment for you? (4:00)
  • Could you unpack what intuition means to you? (12:00)

  • Could you unpack the idea of chasing? (16:40)

  • What is the biggest misconception about love? (22:28)

  • Could you tell us a bit about your relationship with your wife. How did you know she was the one? (29:45)

  • What does it look like for a guy to still be masculine and be open to vulnerability? (41:37)

  • What do you want your lasting legacy to be? (45:55)


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