Overcoming Identity Crisis and Breaking Down Masculinity Stereotypes with Shea Emry

Shea EmryEpisode: 036

Persistent concussions led football player Shea Emry to retire and after he was no longer a pro-athlete, he struggled to find himself and his identity again.


Shea Emry is a former Canadian football player who played eight seasons in the CFL. When Shea experienced a serious concussion back in 2011, he struggled with depression and was left feeling unsure about who he was outside of being a pro-athlete. He has since taken the journey to rediscover who he is as a person and is a huge advocate on redefining masculinity. His mission is to break down social stereotypes on the definition of hyper-masculinity and to help support and guide young male youth.


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Key Takeaways:
Key Takeaways:
[0:55] ManTalks is moving to Toronto!
[4:15] What was Shea’s defining moment?
[5:50] Shea had an incredibly bad concussion in 2011 and has battled back and forth between retirement,
ever since.
[6:50] It was hard for Shea to walk away from sports because he identified so strongly as an athlete.
[7:30] What was it like to be a pro-athlete?
[10:25] How did Shea get into pro sports?
[12:15] Shea talks about his concussion and how he recovered from it.
[19:10] How can parents, spouse, or friends help support someone suffering from a concussion?
[21:30] Are you currently having an identity crisis? You’ll want to listen in to hear how to overcome it.
[22:45] It gets easier with time. You will find yourself again.
[23:00] What’s Shea’s purpose? To challenge hyper-masculine stereotypes.
[23:15] What does hyper-masculinity mean to Shea?
[25:35] Shea briefly talks on the three organizations he’s currently a part of and what they stand for.
[32:50] Shea wants male youth to feel comfortable with expressing themselves.
[33:45] How does Shea support the women in his life?
[34:35] There needs to be a communicative environment in order to lend a hand and support the women in a man’s life.
[35:00] Shea supports his wife by putting his phone down and listening to what she is saying.
[35:45] One of the most masculine things we can do is just be present.
[38:40] What legacy would Shea like to leave behind?
[41:35] Save the date! April 18th ManTalks will be live from Toronto.


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“In any job there’s going to be a certain amount of risk, but it’s about deciding what’s actually best for you.”

“Educate yourself on the different types of rehabilitation programs out there for concussions.”

“As men, we need to let go of all these attachments that holds us back from really connecting with ourselves.”


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