Outstanding Devotion to A Fresh Cup of Coffee with Brian Turko.

Episode: 013

Brian Turko talks on his passion for coffee.


Brian Turko is the son of Ukrainian immigrants and the owner of Milano coffee. Milano has three stores in Vancouver and one in Toronto. Brian talks on what it was like growing up with immigrant parents, how he keeps a good relationship with his wife of 20 years, and the lessons he’s learned as a young child. Come sit down, listen in, and join us at the top of the mountain with this week’s episode.

Key Takeaways:
[0:40] What’s Brian’s background?
[5:55] Why did Brian get into the coffee business?
[20:00] Your curiosity can help you find your passion.
[21:00] Coffee was created out of poverty.
[26:00] What’s Brian’s definition of success?
[35:20] Recognize that you have fear, but take action anyway.
[36:00] Brian talks about a lesson he learned when he was younger.
[44:20] It sometimes takes reckless abandonment to believe.
[51:20] ManTalks will be hosting a full one day event Nov 7th.
[57:35] What’s it like to be a man today?
[1:09:05] What kind of mark on the world does Brian want to leave?
[1:15:45] It doesn’t always work out. Live everyday as if it’s your first and your last day.
[1:20:05] Stop by Brian’s shop and say hi.


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“So often passion and creativity just sort of unfold from a sense of curiosity.”
“Coffee is the people’s drink.”

“It’s not all about money. It’s about experiences.”