Oren Klaff – Increase Your Status, Pitch Your Product, and Win

Episode: 034

Oren Klaff talks on how you can get the advantage in any negotiation situation.


Oren Klaff has raised over $400 million of investor capital from high net-worth individuals and financial institutions. He is also the author of Pitch Anything, and he teaches others on how they can get the competitive edge in any negotiation scenario. Oren talks about how you can frame a negotiation to your advantage and how to get a buyer’s interest in 150 words or less.


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Key Takeaways:
[2:20] What was Oren’s defining moment as a man?
[3:30] How did Oren discover that monogamy was what he wanted?
[5:05] What does Oren do?
[6:20] What’s Oren’s book, Pitch Anything, about?
[7:40] The strength of your status and quality of your presentation = the amount of attention you get.
[8:30] Nobody is going to listen to you for 3 hours. People are busy.
[8:50] Pitch Anything is about how to raise your status so people will pay attention to you.
[11:00] The human mind is built to protect you in social situations.
[11:35] It’s natural to act nice in high-risk situations to lower tensions, but it hurts you in negotiations.
[13:00] It can only go two ways. Either you’re superior or the buyer is superior in terms of status.
[13:15] Most buyers assume they’re superior due to them holding the money.
[13:40] Reframe the meeting so that the buyer has to earn your attention.
[15:25] Trying to get a raise at your job? Listen to Oren’s advice here.
[17:40] How do you sell the story?
[20:55] NPR knows how to tell a story, Fox News doesn’t.
[24:10] Oren shares two of his 150 word pitches.
[29:35] Look out for Oren’s second book coming out soon.
[31:45] What legacy would Oren like to leave behind?


Music Credit:
J Parlange & Latenite Automatic (jesusparlange.com – lateniteautomatic.com)


“Your strength of your status and quality of your presentation = the amount of attention you get.”
“The buyer is the commodity, not you. Money is the commodity, not you. The buyer has to earn your
“If you do something of value that will stand the sands of time, that’s a good legacy.”


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