Mini-Episode: What Is Intimacy and How Do You Deepen It

A question that has come up recently at events Connor has been hosting, and seems to be misunderstood, what is intimacy? Connor jams on this in this week’s mini-epsiode.

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  • Francisco Aguirre
    August 20, 2018 11:15 am

    Hi Connor,

    Two individuals choosing to walk together in a meaningful relationship is one of life’s greatest gifts and is true that intimacy starts with understanding yourself in a deep and profound level, as you said in this episode.

    In that regard, I agree that a relationship is deep and meaningful to the extent we know ourselves, and for this comment I would emphasize the shadow part of us: those traits we don’t want to see or those we are not even aware we have today.

    That’s why relationships are a gift, because our partner can act as a loving “mirror” that we can look into, to see many of our shadow traits and thus be able to integrate them, together.

    In my opinion, if we are curious about ourselves, it could be easier to also support our partner’s own discovery of his/her shadow in a more loving light, so that deep understanding and spontaneity could come more naturally over months and years.

    • Hi Francisco,

      Great additions and insight. Yes, our intimate relationships are an incredible aspect of our own development when we allow them to be. If we are open to it, they can be the mirror which reflects back our shadow parts and where we can grow.

      Thanks again,