Mini-Episode: 5 Steps To Address Conflict With Family

How do you deal with conflict in your family? How do you deal with conflict with your in laws?? If you’re like most people, you probably have some family dynamics which are less than optimal, or in laws that could use some work. In this mini episode, I unpack the steps to addressing conflict with family or in laws.

Change happens when people have a reason to avoid pain or move toward pleasure. – Connor Beaton 

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Show Highlights

  • What is confidence 
  • How to build confidence 
  • How authenticity effects confidence 
  • Why you should start with your own family 
  • Why you need to get uncomfortable 
  • Avoid giving advice 
  • Focus on value based commitments 

As men we want to fix things but that’s not going to happen through giving advice. – Connor Beaton 

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