Miguel Ruiz Jr – Learn the Keys to Self Mastery

Miguel Ruiz Jr teaches us the keys to self mastery on the ManTalks Podcast.

We all want to reach self mastery.

On today’s episode we talk about how you can wake up, liberate yourself from illusory beliefs and stories (because we all have them) and live a life of authenticity.

We were so lucky to get a chance to talk to Miguel Ruiz Jr. You probably know his father, who wrote the book The Four Agreements.

Miguel has taken the wisdom of his father and grandmother to build an incredible life, and much of his learnings are found in his latest book The Mastery of Self.

In today’s episode we talk about what it was like living with the success of his father, how that effected him and how he came out living a life of true authenticity.

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Some questions Roger & Connor ask:

    • What is Miguel’s defining moment as a man? (3:38)
    • How important do you feel living without regrets is for living a long life? (9:03)
    • What was it like growing up with your Father and seeing his career develop? (12:43)
    • Did you feel pressure to fill the shoes of your Father? (17:03)
    • Could you give us an overview of the book? (22:55)
    • What do you think is the biggest block for people to live at their highest potential? (32:00)
    • What’s the legacy you want to leave? (44:34)



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