Mastin Kipp – Data, The Secrets of High Performance & The Future Of Therapy And Coaching

In This Episode

Connor and Mastin dive into the inner workings of high performers, habits and the neurology behind mindfulness. 

They talk about:

⁃The impact of the Default Mode Network in the brain and exercises to hack your level of awareness.

⁃Polyvagal theory and how your Vagas nerve is intricately connected to your fight/flight response. 

⁃Defining trauma, how it’s stored int he body, and how moving through it can be one of the biggest keys to high performance,

Mastin also shares some of his top resources when working with people to clarify and define their life purpose along with some of his personal habits and routines which he shares with his clients. 

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Mastin Kipp Bio

Mastin Kipp is an American entrepreneur, best-selling author, and renowned public speaker and the creator of Functional Life Coaching™. He is the author of the best-selling book Daily Love and the forthcoming Claim Your Power, and has been featured in outlets like Well + Good, Huffington Post, and has appeared on Fox News, ABC, CBS News, and more.


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