Mark Brand – Lessons from a Social Entrepreneur

Mark BrandEpisode: 032

Mark not only runs a restaurant group, but he fuels it with a deep passion and purpose for social enterprise.


Mark Brand opened his first restaurant in 2007 and went on to restore Save On Meats, a butcher shop founded in 1957. Save On Meats is not like any other butcher shop or lunch counter, because Mark has created a sustainable business model that serves the community. Mark states that by creating a business that stands for something, not only does that help the community as a whole, but he has seen fewer turnovers from his staff because they also believe in the bigger picture.


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Key Takeaways:
[1:45] Thank you Vancity Buzz for sponsoring us!
[2:45] What was Mark’s defining moment?
[6:55] How did Mark get started in the hospitality industry?
[9:20] Mark had an addiction problem, but he decided that wasn’t going to be his story.
[10:10] Mark opened his restaurant in a bad neighborhood and everybody told him it was a bad idea.
[15:25] Mark talks about the reality show he was a part of.
[18:10] Save on Meats isn’t just a restaurant; it has a big social component too.
[21:45] What’s one piece of advice Mark can share with those who are looking to start a non-profit?
[25:40] Mark has created a model where people can see how their dollar impacts others.
[30:55] What are some of Mark’s core values?
[32:35] How does Mark define success?
[34:55] Mark shares a few statistics.
[36:45] Why should business owners care about the bottom line? Because it’s the right thing to do!
[38:40] Millennials are looking for purpose-based businesses.
[39:30] Where does Mark see himself in ten years?
[41:30] Mark talks about the kind of legacy he would like to leave behind.

Mentioned in This Episode:


If you’re going to build something with somebody, call them to share their genius and co-create it.

How can we create upper mobility and stability for people who are struggling?

Companies are having issues keeping millennials. That’s because millennials are looking for
purpose-based businesses.

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