ManTalks Podcast Introduction with Connor Beaton

Episode: 000

Welcome to the first episode of ManTalks!


Connor Beaton and co-host Roger Nairn welcome the audience to the first podcast episode of ManTalks! Connor wanted to create something more than just a ‘typical’ men’s group and founded ManTalks a little over a year ago. Roger is the Director of Branding and Marketing who has a deep understanding of how to connect brands with people. The two co-hosts go over their goals for the podcast, what you can expect from them, and who this podcast is not for.


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Key Takeaways:
[1:00] What are you going to get out of this? Simple and actionable tips.
[1:25] What is ManTalks?
[3:00] Connor didn’t want to create a ‘typical’ men’s group.
[3:25] What are some cool things happening in ManTalks right now?
[4:50] Why is ManTalks coming to the podcasting world?
[5:55] Connor talks about Man of the Week.
[6:55] Connor and Roger want you to be a part of the conversation both online and offline.
[7:40] ManTalks wants to talk on more than just boobs, booze, and cars.
[9:20] Who is the podcast not for? People who aren’t willing to do the work.


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