Lisa Feldman Barrett – The Neuroscience Behind Emotions

LISA FELDMAN BARRETT, PhD, is a University Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University, with appointments at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital in Psychiatry and Radiology. She received a NIH Director’s Pioneer Award for her research on emotion in the brain, and the 2018 APS Mentor Award For Lifetime Achievement.

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Some questions Connor asks…

  • Could you share a defining moment for you? – 3:33
  • Have you seen a lot of people go through self-deception? – 8:42
  • What is the 2000 year-old assumption? – 10:58
  • In your book you mention ”emotions are constructed by our brains” can you unpack that idea? – 19:23
  • Is it possible to change your emotional state based on your physiology? – 27:43

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