Lee Zlotoff – MacGyver’s Creator Teaches Us “The MacGyver Secret”

Oh my god its the creator of MacGyver!!!

Roger grew up watching MacGyver, the show where you learned how to solve anything… Each week MacGyver would get out of a scrape using his hands (and some chewing gum, a paperclip, a coin and a used bandaid). Its this “solve anything” attitude that Lee Zlotoff brings to the world with his new book “The MacGyver Secret: Connect to Your Inner MacGyver and Solve Anything.” In this episode we break down his career, the book and the incredible tool that you can employ immediately today.

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Some questions Roger asks:

  • Could share a defining moment for you? (2:04)
  • You’re new book is “The MacGyver Secret: Connect to Your Inner MacGyver and Solve Anything” could you tell us about it? (3:23)
  • What is the three step process to the Macgyver Secret? (5:17)
  • What using this process to solve personal problems? (15:19)
  • Do you need to focus on one thing at a time? Or a list of thing? (21:37)
  • Rapid Fire Questions (28:16)



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