Jordan Bower – Story Telling, Relationships and Walking To Mexico

Jordan Bower is a strategic storyteller and corporate intimacy expert. In his role he helps companies build a clear, human and emotionally powerful story that purposefully and strategically connects, motivates and inspires. In this week’s episode of the ManTalks podcast we tap into Jordan’s expertise to help you deepen your relationships and craft your story by learning all about Jordan’s walk (yes, walk…) from Vancouver to Mexico.

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The ManTalks Podcast


Some questions Connor asks:

  • What is Jordan’s defining moment as a man? (3:35)
  • How do you think being a ‘nice guy’ played into the separation? (7:32)
  • What are some of the things you learned from the end of relationship? (9:10)
  • How have your relationships shifted since your journey? (12:50)
  • You walked from Vancouver to Mexico! What were some of the highlights from the trip? (18:15)
  • Would you recommend that people walk the 3,000km like you did? (23:10)
  • Along the way on your trip, what were the moments that were awe-inspiring (26:03)
  • What are you doing now? (31:50)
  • What are some tools you’d give your clients? (37:40)
  • What is the legacy that Jordan wants to leave in the world? (40:55)



Jordan Bower – Inspired Communications | Twitter


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