John Lee Dumas Interview

John LeeEpisode: 026

John Lee Dumas interview

John Lee Dumas is the host and founder of Entrepreneur on Fire. He produces a podcast 7 days a week and his business podcast has been awarded Best of iTunes. John talks about his new product launch, The Freedom Journal, which focuses on achieving your goals in the next 100 days.

Key Takeaways:
[2:10] What is John’s favorite part about being a man?
[2:40] Who is John?
[4:30] What is The Freedom Journal about?
[6:30] Check out The Freedom Journal’s KickStarter campaign.
[7:15] At the time of the recording, John’s campaign had 1,932 backers.
[8:00] John is a big believer in F.O.C.U.S.
[8:50] John breaks down how the program is planned out.
[10:45] Focus on one goal at a time.
[11:40] What was John’s #1 challenge?
[13:00] John’s business has grown to 7 figures.
[13:50] Goal setting isn’t a solo task. You need a strong support system.
[13:55] Who are John’s mentors?
[15:30] How did John come up with the idea to host a podcast 7 days a week?
[18:10] What does success look like to John?
[20:45] How do you know you’re on the right track?
[21:45] Be authentic with yourself.
[22:50] John recommends The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.
[24:45] Why did John choose 100 days to achieve a goal?
[26:45] Every time John hits a funding goal in KickStarter, he will donate $25k to build a school in a developing country.


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