Jim Sheils – Balancing Work & Family

Jim Sheils is the business partner of Brian Scrone (who we’ve previously had on) of the organization called Board Meetings, which helps Entrepreneurs and professionals deepen their relationships with their families with their partners with their loved ones. In this episode, we chat with Jim mostly about how he manages to balance work and home life. Jim shares some incredible stories not only for his own personal life but from people that he’s worked with through the work that he does.

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Some questions Connor asks…

  • Could you share a defining moment for you? (3:20)
  • What led you to wanting to adopt your kids? (3:50)
  • Could you share some of the businesses that you started and give us some insight in your success? (11:45)
  • What are “rhythms” and how does that benefit your family life? (18:40)
  • What are “sanity pillars”? (35:30)

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