How to Effectively Maximize Productivity with Chris Bailey

Chris BaileyEpisode: 029

What does it really mean to be productive? Chris Bailey explains.

Chris Bailey has conducted countless productivity experiments on himself and has interviewed
several successful CEOs and business professionals on the subject of productivity. He has condensed everything he has learned into a 300 page book titled The Productivity Project. Listen to this interview to find out what productivity is -really- about and how you can use it to your full potential.

Key Takeaways:
[1:50] Thank you Vancity Buzz for sponsoring the podcast!
[3:50] What was Chris’s defining moment?
[5:25] Who is Chris?
[6:45] Why is Chris interested in productivity?
[8:05] How did Chris find the courage to start The Productivity Project?
[9:10] Follow your passion now. The time is now.
[10:45] Measuring and defining productivity was difficult for Chris.
[12:10] Productivity isn’t about how much we produce; it’s about how much we accomplish.
[13:05] Productivity is a combination of balancing time, attention, and energy.
[13:50] Has Chris met the most productive person in the world yet?
[14:45] The most productive people, ironically, teach meditation and mindfulness.
[18:45] Being in a flow state of mind is a combination of productivity and energy.
[19:20] Work on one thing at one time.
[22:45] How can people start being productive?
[28:20] What does Chris mean by ‘striving for imperfection’?
[31:00] What does success look like to Chris?
[34:50] How can you get yourself back on track when you stop becoming productive?
[39:45] What’s the difference between men vs. woman on productivity?
[43:00] What is Chris most excited about these days?
[44:00] What kind of legacy would Chris like to leave behind?


Mentioned in This Episode:
The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey
Getting Things Done with David Allen
I Know How She Does It by Laura Vanderkam


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“We only have so much time.”
“If there’s a time when I should follow my curiosity, it’s now.”
“Productivity is the life blood of how much we get done every day.”