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It’s one thing to hit a home run once, but have you ever wondered how to be consistent with high-performance? It’s something most men struggle with.

In this podcast, Connor sits down with high-performance coach Jairek Robbins. They discuss purpose, how to add value to any relationship, and how to be consistent with your performance. In addition, Jairek shares intimate details of how he became the man he is today.

What is purpose, anyways?

Purpose is a topic we regularly cover at ManTalks, whether in our masterminds, in The Alliance, on our podcast, or on our blog. After having hundreds of talks and discussions on this concept, it’s still remarkable how difficult it is to grasp.

Many men, after thinking about it deeply and even working on purpose are still mystified in to understand their purpose. Jairek Robbins has a unique take on purpose, how to find it, and how to live it. It comes down to a single word: giving.

When trying to find your purpose, are you thinking about what you’d like to take from the world?

Or, are you focused on the gifts you’re GIVING? Robbins says that during the early years of manhood, we have a broad array of interests, each of which correlates to a gift that we love to give away. As we work through our most productive, adult years, we refine those gifts down to fewer and fewer as we get clearer.

Most men, if they’ve live a full, productive life will be clear on the nature of their greatest gift or gifts by the time they’re 55 or 60. If they’ve focused on giving rather than getting, most men will be able to clearly identify their purpose.

It’s simple: our purpose is to give our greatest gift or gifts.

How to Add Value in Any Relationship

Central to Robbins’s definition of purpose is the concept of giving value. He shares the story of a conversation he had with author James Altucher, who explained how he got a job writing for Jim Kramer.

In essence, Altucher thought about what value he could bring to Kramer. Rather than asking for a job, he wrote to Kramer with 10 suggestions for SEO friendly blog posts he should write for his website. Kramer, seeing that Altucher could bring value, reached out and offered Altucher the job of writing for his website.

Notice again that Altucher was giving his greatest gift, writing.

The biggest lesson we can take from this story is that living your purpose will bring you the greatest success. By giving your highest gifts away, you create massive value, which leads to higher performance and more success.

This leads us to the last game-changing point Robbins made in this interview.

How to be Consistent as a High-Performer

Near the end of the interview, Connor asked Jairek on a problem he hears often. Take note of this and see if it applies to you. Men will say something along the lines of:

“I kick butt for a while, and then I hit the wall. What is going on? I don’t know how to be consistent in my performance.”

It comes down to a simple problem that many in our society struggle with. In our effort to perform at our peak, we push ourselves to the limit. But we never stop to refuel the engine that’s driving the performance. So, it’s not surprising that so many of us only perform well in spurts before burning out.

Robbins gave the example of a jet flying from New York to Los Angeles. If you were in charge of this flight, would you start with only 1/4 of a tank of (presumably low grade) fuel? In this philosophy, you’d gun the engine as hard as possible when leaving New York before coasting the rest of the way to LA.

Of course that doesn’t work. Jet engines require downtime to do maintenance. And before every flight, the fuel needs are carefully calculated by trained professionals. Moreover, that flight requires consistent propulsion, not one big burst at the beginning followed by coasting.

Your body is the same as the jet.

If you want jet-engine-like high-performance out of your body, you have to treat your body and mind like a million-dollar jet. In a human, there are many things you can do to optimize performance. But at the most basic level, it comes down to the three main facets required to recharge.

Sleep, nutrition, and exercise.

Beyond that, there are things like peer group, purpose, and happiness. But if you took a person with all those secondary factors (peer group, purpose, happiness) and removed their sleep, nutrition, or exercise, their performance would drop off immediately. These are basic human needs.

Too many ‘high-performers’ fail to properly recharge themselves and therefore let their performance slip. There is a diminishing return on continually pushing oneself to the absolute limit of one’s performance. Without properly recharging, the next day’s performance will suffer.

Take recharging religiously. Sleep well, get excellent nutrition, and exercise your body. Figure out what works for you and maintain those habits to maintain high-performance.

Guest Bio — Jairek Robbins

Jairek Robbins helps businesses, brands and individuals achieve rapid, measurable improvements in work and life through his Keynote Speaking, Business Performance Coaching and his #1 Bestselling Book Live It! Achieve Success By Living With Purpose.

Robbins started his career in 2002 with the Anthony Robbins Foundation, working there for two years. While attending the University of San Diego, he volunteered for 3 months in a rural farming village in Uganda.

There, he taught organic farming through the organization Students Partnership Worldwide. He was a board member for the non-profit organization “Just Like My Child,” which also does education and health projects in Uganda.

He later became a Results Coach at Robbins Research International. From 2006-2008 he served as a representative of RRI. He founded Jairek Robbins Companies in 2010 and later started Rapid Results Retreat in 2011.

Robbins is also a host to a weekly YouTube segment entitled JRCtv and a regular contributor to the Huffington Post blog. He delivered a TEDx talk in 2013, titled “A Simple Formula To Inspire the World To Live Their Dreams” in New York City.

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