Growing Up Without Male Role Models with Ryan Michler

Episode: 021

Why is it so important for young boys and young adults to have a father figure in their life?


Ryan Michler is the founder of Order of Man, a website designed to help men succeed in business, family, and everything in between. Ryan was inspired to create this valuable resource for men, because he grew up without a strong father figure in his life. Ryan talks to both Connor and Roger on what it was like growing up with unreliable step-fathers, men’s desire to be constantly challenged, and why the military’s structure can sometimes be a good thing.


In this Podcast, Ryan talks about growing up without a proper male role model, the impact, being in the military and why he start the Order of Man.


This Podcast episode is for men who want to overcome adversity, build a brotherhood and who are looking to be challenged in their life.

Key Takeaways:
[1:00] What does Ryan do?
[1:35] Ryan never had a male role model growing up.
[3:55] Why has the father figure become more and more absent in young boys’ lives?
[5:10] What’s the biggest challenge for a man today?
[7:25] In order to grow, men need to be challenged.
[9:45] When did Ryan realize something was missing in his life?
[11:20] You become a man when you accept personal accountability and responsibility for your own life.
[14:20] Ryan talks about the military.
[16:45] Exercise and reflection are the two most important elements every man should incorporate.
[18:40] Your decisions are going to carry over into other aspects of your life.
[20:50] Number one book: Resilience by Eric Greitens
[25:10] Ryan talks on why he started his podcast.
[27:40] Who are Ryan’s mentors?
[30:20] What are Ryan’s core beliefs?
[36:50] Have clarity for what you want to do or else you’ll fill your life with miscellaneous stuff.
[39:00] Listen to your gut.
[40:30] What legacy would Ryan like to leave?


Mentioned in This Episode:
The Millionaire Mindset by Gary Keller
Resilience by Eric Greitens


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͆We’ve become so self-centered that we forget that there’s other people.”

͆We idealized the lone wolf syndrome and yet we are tribal by nature.”

͆Men naturally thrive off being challenged.”