Giovanni Marsico – Social Entrepreneurship: Creating Sustainable Good in the World.

Episode: 056

Discover the key differences between non-profits vs. for-profit social entrepreneurs.

“If you want to create change, money becomes the amplifier, it becomes the tool to do even more change.”
Giovanni Marsico is a talent scout, social entrepreneur, and connector of superheroes. He is the founder of Archangel, a private membership community filled with mission-driven entrepreneurs who are passionate about philanthropy. Giovanni discusses predictions in the entrepreneurship space for the next 10-15 years, how people can find their own personal superpower, and so much more!
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Key Takeaways:

[3:35] What was a defining moment as a man for Giovanni?
[5:45] Giovanni has had many mentors throughout his life. Most recently, Philip McKernan made a big impact on him.
[8:15] What is Giovanni up to right now?
[10:30] What inspired Giovanni to get into social entrepreneurship?
[12:05] As a social entrepreneur, how does Giovanni ‘get over’ or fight criticism of making money for the purposes of giving back? Isn’t that what nonprofits are for?
[13:40] How did Giovanni come up with the idea for Archangel Academy?
[17:55] Does Giovanni believe that social entrepreneur will be the norm in the future?
[20:05] Giovanni believes desk jobs are going to disappear.
[20:50] What advice does Giovanni have to already-established business who are looking to switch to a more social enterprise format?
[22:35] Giovanni replaces the world client with family, because his clients have so much lover for one another.
[23:40] How can people tap into their own superpower?
[25:40] Giovanni literally built his Archangel business model with the X-Men comics in mind.
[28:00] How do you build a thriving community? What do people need to be aware of?
[34:30] What kind of community has Giovanni built?
[40:25] If you want to build a thriving community, understand that it’s not about you. It’s always about creating something much bigger than you.
[40:40] What kind of results or impact would Giovanni like to see when people attend the Archangel event?
[44:00] What legacy would Giovanni like to leave behind?
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“A lot of people think money is evil. They’re against profit, but money is just a tool to amplify what you’re doing.,”
“If you want to create change, money becomes the amplifier, it becomes the tool to do even more change.”
“Connection is the fancy word for love.”


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