Finding your authentic voice with Todd Henry

Episode: 016

Todd Henry of The Accidental Creative talks on how you can achieve personal freedom.




Todd Henry is the host of The Accidental Creative podcast and the author of three books, The Accidental Creative, Die Empty, and Louder Than Words. Todd’s mission is to help others discover their authentic voice. Todd talks on how to find your true identity, define the kind of freedom you
want, and to disrupt your patterns.

Key Takeaways:
[0:45] Connor talks about their exciting new partner/sponsor.
[2:30] What does Todd do?
[3:20] Why does Todd do what he does?
[5:50] What does an authentic voice really mean?
[8:00] What does freedom look like for you?
[9:50] Don’t just drift through your days, stop and notice the patterns.
[10:20] Todd describes why you should write your manifesto.
[12:50] Pay close attention to your patterns.
[15:50] Todd talks about vulnerability.
[19:15] It’s almost easier to do it alone, but that doesn’t scale.
[20:15] ManTalks will be hosting a one day event on Nov 7th.
[24:10] We depend on others.
[26:40] Why is Donald Trump resonating with the crowd?
[30:35] We can tell when someone is being authentic or not.
[32:00] What’s Todd most excited about right now?

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“Define what freedom actually means to you.”
“We often don’t stop to pay attention to the patterns and so we just drift.”
“It’s easier to do everything yourself, it’s easy to rely on your own genius, but that doesn’t scale overtime.”