Dr. Michael Olpin – How to Live a Stress Free Life

In this episode, Dr. Michael Olpin (author of Unwind!: 7 Principles for a Stress-Free Life) shares with Roger how you can optimize your body, heart, mind, and soul, recognizing that any and all of these dimensions of your life affect your anxiety level. Its an awesome interview that shows you how to take charge of your life and how to make better choices that will prevent stress in the first place.


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“People don’t have a good idea on how to handle stress.”

“There’s a difference between planning and worrying.”


Some questions Roger asks:

  • What is Dr. Olpin’s defining moment as a man? (2:45)
  • How did Dr. Olpin become an expert in stress & what is it? (7:30)
  • Could you give us an overview of the book? (15:20)
  • In this modern world, are we more stressed out about things that didn’t exist before? (20:20)
  • How are men doing dealing with stress? (35:30)
  • How do you insure you’re not too far out of the ‘now’ in your thoughts? (38:30)
  • What’s the legacy you want to leave? (43:23)


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