Develop a Deeper Connection with Your Significant Other with Mark Groves

Episode: 003

Mark Groves talks masculinity, relationship ground rules, and building a deeper connection with your partner.


Mark Groves is a human connections specialist and a relationship coach. The guys highly encourage you to bring along your partner for this episode as Mark does a detailed dive on how to build a deeper and more intimate relationship with your partner. Mark talks on the concept of masculinity, how it affects young men, how to truly listen to your partner, dealing with feelings of guilt, and so much more
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Key Takeaways:
[1:00] Grab your partner or significant other for this podcast.
[1:30] Who is Mark Groves and what does he do?
[3:20] What’s Mark’s purpose?
[7:10] More young men are committing suicide than women.
[7:40] How can we maintain our masculinity and still be empathic, kind, and emotional?
[9:55] How do men and women differ in their needs in a relationships?
[12:30] Our significant other may feel like we’re not listening, how can we show her that we are?
[14:30] Men have the tendency to offer advice and try to fix the problem and that makes a woman feel like she’s not being understood.
[18:10] Couples should have ground rules or agreements, like a business, as to what they want out of the relationship.
[21:05] Ask your father what his greatest fear is and open up that conversation.
[25:15] What was a defining moment for Mark that really shifted his life?
[31:20] Relationships happen by choice, not by chance.
[34:45] Find the resources and discovery what a good relationship looks like.
[37:00] Roger is getting married in the next 8 days.
[40:00] The five closet people in our lives are a direct reflection of us.
[46:45] 70% of photos on the internet are pornographic images of women.
[50:15] You need to trust your gut when you feel guilty or shameful.
[53:10] What if I made this choice a 1,000 times?
[54:22] If you’re already in the ‘maybe’ decision process then you’re already in the no-go zone. [55:05] What’s the best advice Mark has received?
[59:50] Look forward to more details about the men’s retreat.


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