Dai Manuel – Discovering Whole Life Fitness

Episode: 017

Dai Manuel shares his journey, what it means to be a modern day man, and more.


When Dai Manuel’s parents were going through a divorce, he found solace in food. By the time Dai was 14-years-old he weighted nearly 200lbs and decided enough was enough. This defining moment made Dai realize that he was the only person who was in complete control of himself. Now at the age of 38 going on 39, it’s Dai’s passion to empower others and help them develop a healthy, more active lifestyle.


In this podcast episode, Dai Manuel share his philosophy on whole life fitness. Dai is a renowned trainer and athlete. Dai talks about how you can improve your health with small, every day activities. This is a must listen to podcast for men who are looking to up their game with their health and physical fitness.

Key Takeaways:
[0:35] ManTalks is hiring!
[1:10] ManTalks is coming to Toronto next year.
[2:35] How does Dai wake up at 5am everyday?
[4:55] Why fitness?
[7:45] How did Dai get his start in the fitness industry?
[12:40] Connor’s mentor was 81-years-old.
[13:40] What’s Dai’s definition of passion?
[18:00] Make a plan and then work towards it.
[18:25] Dai became an accidental blogger.
[20:55] Dai explains his goal setting process.
[25:00] What are the key things around health and fitness?
[31:00] Remember we have a full one day event on Nov 7th!
[34:30] Connor likes to watch anime and workout.
[39:00] Community is key to keeping you on track.
[40:00] What does Dai do when he gets off course?
[43:30] Best advice Dai has ever received?
[47:20] What does it mean to be a man today?
[50:15] Best part about being a man?
[55:30] Where did the nickname ‘Moose’ come from?
[58:15] Dai will be having a weekly periscope session with his followers.
[1:00:00] Thank you for listening and please subscribe/review on iTunes!


Mentioned In This Episode:
Double Double by Cameron Herold.


Music Credit:
J Parlange & Latenite Automatic (jesusparlange.com – lateniteautomatic.com)


“Age doesn’t matter when it comes to what your message is.”
“You don’t have to have everything perfect.”