Behind the Talks with David H. Wagner

Episode: 007

Why does David H. Wagner do what he does?


How does ManTalks select the guests they do for their ManTalk conferences? This is a special behind the scenes episode showcasing exactly what that process is like. Conner interviews David Wagner for the possibility of him speaking at a future ManTalks event. David is currently doing a cross country tour all across the U.S on his motorcycle to help resurrect the backbones of the American male. Conner asks David about his life’s story, why he does what he does, and how he helps men all over the world.

Key Takeaways:
[1:20] What does David do?
[2:10] What was David’s defining moment?
[4:50] What does it take to be a man in today’s world?
[7:20] Men have a need to help others and add value to other people’s lives.
[8:40] You’re not going to find greatness sitting on the couch.
[9:30] Men thrive in packs.
[10:50] There’s nothing more awkward than a middle-aged man trying to make a new friend.
[12:15] David talks about his book, Backbone.
[16:00] A lot of men are very reactionary and don’t take the step back to ask why.
[18:05] David talks about the origins of ‘suck it up’.
[22:20] David believes men need the ‘suck it up’ or ‘man up’ mantras to help them achieve their dreams.
[27:50] How can men find their life’s purpose?
[30:35] What’s really important to you?
[31:50] David talks about his cross country motorcycle tour.
[33:45] David currently has a home study course for men on his website.
[35:10] Look forward to David’s blog posts on the ManTalks blog.

Mentioned In This Episode:
Backbone by David H. Wagner

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“We get a soul-sickness when we’re not contributing. It’s hard-wired into us.”

“There’s a lot of searching for greatness on the couch and you’re not going to find greatness sitting on the couch.”

“Men really thrive in small packs.”