Beau Lotto – Why Our Brains Hate Change

Dr. Beau Lotto is a globally renowned neuroscientist whose studies in human perception have taken him well beyond the scientific domain and into the fields of education, the arts and business. Public engagement, in the broadest sense, is at the core of what Beau does – whether he’s creating scientific experiments, giving talks or making TV programmes.

By enabling people to experience what it is to be a scientist, Beau’s aim is to encourage them to see science not as an academic investigation but as a way of being that is relevant to every aspect of their lives: this discovery can be powerful enough to make people think differently about both themselves and the world around them.

We fear uncertainty more than anything else.

Why does our brain hate change? Why is it that when we need to change something in our life, our brain seems to resist it at every chance it gets? In this episode, Dr. Beau Lotto unpacks the inner workings of the brain and explains not only why our brain hates change, but how we can manage the avoidance that our brain creates.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:
– Beau Lotto explains Innovation and it’s relationship with Efficiency
– How creativity can be learned based on perception and past experiences
– How to become aware of your biases, because we all have them
– The importance of diversity in understanding ourself and our biases
– Uncertainty and how it drives our thoughts and actions
– How to solve for uncertainty
– The steps to becoming an active participant in meaning-making for your life
– ‘The Cold Shower Exercise’
– The results of living and leaning into uncertainty
– How to perceive and approach a ‘conflict’ so you learn from the experience
– The daily side-effects of micro-dosing with psychedelics
– Beau Lotto’s Project: The Lab of Misfits

Every perception I have of someone is inside me, being projected on to others.

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