Authentic Goal Setting with Paul Davidescu

Paul DavidescuEpisode: 024

Paul talks on how you can better manage and stick to your new goals.

Paul Davidescu is the co-founder of Tangoo Entertainment Inc. Tangoo is both a web and mobile app that takes moods, occasion, and social graph, to craft the perfect outing of restaurants and venues tailored to social contexts. The app has also been featured on Global TV, CTV, and the Dragons’ Den. Paul talks to the guys on the subject of setting authentic goals for your self and how you can bring value to others.

Paul is also the ManTalks ‘Man of the Week’ – which you can read all about here.

Key Takeaways:
[2:35] What does Paul do?
[4:55] How did Paul get started as an entrepreneur?
[7:10] What are the key things you need to become a successful entrepreneur?
[11:00] How can you bring people together in memorable ways?
[13:50] Validate that what you think is a problem, is indeed a real problem for others.
[15:10] Paul has never really set goals before.
[16:00] Some people need goals, whereas others don’t.
[19:40] Paul shares on how he discovered a reliable way for him to set and stick to his goals.
[24:30] How do you plan goals ten years ahead?
[27:25] Sometimes plans change, so have a vision and set 1–5 year goals.
[29:55] Very strict goals can be counteractive.
[36:15] How do you show up for your team?
[40:05] Say no to people who won’t bring you value.
[41:55] Paul talks on how you can bring value to other people.
[54:30] It’s a big mistake trying to withhold your great idea.
[56:10] What does it mean, for Paul, to be a man today?
[1:01:20] What kind of legacy would Paul like to leave behind?
[1:03:55] What is Paul excited for in the upcoming months and the new year?

Mentioned In This Episode:
The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
Bold by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler


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