Anonymous Confessions on a Postcard with Frank Warren

Episode: 044

Why are people sending Frank their secrets on a postcard?

Frank Warren is the founder of, where he publishes some of the secrets strangers have mailed to him on postcards. Frank has received over 500,000 postcards since November 2004. Some of these postcards are funny, shocking, littered with confessions, sexual desires, and more. Frank discusses why such a novel idea has turned viral and why people need a confessional outlet on today’s show.

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Key Takeaways:
[2:25] What was Frank’s defining moment as a man?
[4:15] How did PostSecret get started?
[7:45] Frank has given his real home address for people to send postcards to.
[8:10] What is the magic that happens when someone reveals a secret to Frank?
[10:50] What men decide to reveal and conceal defines them every day.
[11:45] Frank reads some anonymous secrets.
[15:45] Despite so much technology that helps us to connect, there’s still a lot of loneliness and isolation.
[16:05] Are we posting too much on social media?
[19:00] Frank used to work on a suicide prevention hotline. How does he deal with all the heaviness?
[21:25] Roger used to live at a fraternity house where he couldn’t show his true emotional struggles.
[26:25] Did you know you could mail potatoes if it has an address on it?
[26:40] Frank talks of his least favorite/most haunting postcards.
[29:15] What’s next for Frank?

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“In so many ways we have to wear these masks and play these roles and there are always consequences.”

“How we react and deal with secrets is an important part of who we are.”

“Secrets can be this thing that we bury deep inside of us or they can be like gifts.”


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  • n n For the past four years, Frank Warren, known as “the most trusted stranger in America,” has invited people all over the world to send him creatively decorated postcards bearing secrets they have never before revealed. Warren’s fifth book presents a n

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