Ameer Rosic – Cryptocurrency and the Future of Money

Ameer Rosic is a serial entrepreneur, marketing expert, investor and a Blockchain evangelist as the CEO of Blockgeeks Inc. Ameer is also a speaker and has spoken about blockchain at Mars and Western University, as well as a respected blogger in the blockchain field who has appeared as a speaker on sites like VentureBeat, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb and Engadget.

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Some questions Connor asks…

  • Could you share a defining moment for you? – 4:20
  • What was so appealing about cryptocurrency? – 7:11
  • What is cryptocurrency based off of in value? – 13:47
  • What is the blockchain?- 31:17
  • At the moment, what do you see being the most stable platform for people to invest in? – 38:29

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Editing & Mixing by: Aaron Johnson