Julian Treasure – How to Listen With Intention

Episode: 052

Julian Treasure shares the secrets of being a better listener.

Julian Treasure is a sought-after and top-rated international speaker. Collectively his five TED talks on various aspects of sound and communication have been viewed an estimated 40 million times. His latest talk, How to speak so that people want to listen, is in the rare group that has over 10 million views on TED alone, putting it in the top 20 TED talks of all time. Julian discusses how to become a better listener and the bad habits people have when they try to listen.

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Key Takeaways:
[2:15] What was Julian’s defining moment?
[6:35] If we all start listening a bit better, then we start to understand each other better.
[7:25] What can men do to enhance their listening skills?
[9:40] Silence is important when trying to improve your listening skills.
[13:40] Julian breaks down what the RASA acronym means.
[17:40] Women often feel like men aren’t listening to them. There are different types of listening modes you can switch to. Julian explains further.
[21:45] What are some bad habits people do when trying to listen?
[24:15] Being right can be extremely damaging.
[28:20] Great sales people will tell you it’s not the speaking that gets the sale, it’s the listening.
[29:25] What legacy would Julian like to leave behind?

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“It’s sometimes difficult to take a big leap into the dark. You have to have the courage to face the unknown.”

“The way you listen is unique, nobody listens the way you do.”

“Silence is where we meet ourselves.”

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